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Gainsco was established in October 1978 as a Texas corporation, Gainsco insurance has grown as word of mouth quickly spread about the low, low rates , offers.

Through their subsidiaries, Gainsco engages in the property and casualty insurance business, concentrating their efforts on the nonstandard personal automobile market. Their insurance operations are presently conducted through MGA Insurance Company, a Texas corporation. The only line of insurance we currently write is nonstandard personal auto, which we write on classes of risks which are not generally insured by many of the standard companies. Gainsco insurance is poised for future growth and will continue offering the highest quality ins products. Gainsco always has free quotes. When you compare a quote you will smile because of the rates and be secure because of the ins programs Gainsco offers.

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Gainsco policies covers nonstandard personal automobile market in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas and one general agency in California.

Gainsco can assist you with free no obligation quotes. Compare Gainsco rates now and save. You will be able to compare rates in just minutes and make your best decision. All you need to do is enter your zip code and type of ins  in the box above!

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